World Space Week 2017 - IST Islamabad Ranked as No. 1 in Whole Pakistan

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1 - World Space Week 2017 Pakistan

Institute of Space Technology is the engineering university located near Rawat. The university has been commemorating the world space week since 2005 in collaboration with SUPARCO.

Whether you are a star gazer, a space lover or simply someone who finds astrology fascinating, World Space Week held at IST is an event you should be aware of!

Currently, the world space week is celebrated in 86 countries. Pakistan is one of them. The university where this event is celebrated is the Institute of Space Technology Islamabad.

Held on October dates, from 4th to 10th October, world space week brings many opportunities for space enthusiasts. Although the university has been celebrating this since 2005, this year brought the pinnacle of celebration. It was organized by cooperation with SUPARCO that shares a neighbor boundary with the university.

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The glorious space week hosted 221 various space theme events and activities. Thousands of students from different colleges of Rawalpindi and Islamabad visited IST.

After inaugurating the world space week officially, the chief guest Mr. Anees Khurram who is also the chairman of SUPARCO revealed the big plans of Pakistan about the future of satellite technology. Work is being done in Pakistan to launch its very own satellites. A remote sensing satellite is expected to launch in space in 2018 as told by him.

The chairman of SUPARCO also spoke about the potential of space technology. His message was directed towards the encouragement of young students who were present there. Further, in his speech, he elaborated on the practical applications of space technology and how it can progress the world effectively forward.

Progressing the official inauguration, Mr. Imran, the Vice-Chancellor of IST gave his speech afterward. He stated how IST provides quality education to students.

2 - The Plethora of Activities

Among the list of activities, some involved which indulged students’ creative intellect. These activities involved fine arts, painting, and display of space models.

World Space Week Ist 1

The other activities had the sole purpose of an individual’s entertainment and general knowledge. Some of the well-planned sessions were also put in the list like space entrepreneurship, space storytelling, space theater, and similar other activities.

The rest of the events were focused on entertainment. Some of the most meticulously planned events were display of space models, space planetary system and space theater.

The world space week instilled a wave of motivation in young students, filling them with the passion to pursue this path. There were many students who had participated in arts activities. When asked about their ambition, many of them showed great enthusiasm for space science.

3 - World Space Week

World Space Week Ist 5

The world space week may be a new term for Pakistan, the world is quite aware of it. This week was established by the United Nations to commemorate the space sciences and their importance. It is celebrated from 4th to 10th October annually all across the world. IST simply follows suit with the rest of the space communities. The sole purpose is to educate the masses about the elusive space sciences and their pragmatic benefits for humankind.

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